Doomed Monster Hunter needs some explanatory text

I think the Doomed Monster Hunter needs some mouse-over text explaining that they are only useful to ships with the Icarus in Black, because right now they look like an officer for hire. Heck, maybe you should only be allowed to buy them if you have the Icarus in Black.

I wasted a searing enigma buying one, and then immediately dumped it off the ship to make more room for cargo. This seems like a pretty understandable mistake because &quotDoomed Monster Hunter&quot definitely sounds like an officer, not ammunition.

I do agree. Usually the risk you’re taking is fairly clear from the text. When I click an unknown option that looks exciting I’m prepared to unexpectedly lose supplies, gain terror, drown, become a cannibal etc. But that looks like a normal officer option and isn’t a loss in an excitingly doom-laden way, just a staggeringly unprofitable setback way, with no real story.

I agree with all of the above. As a new player doing what needs to be done to find a searing enigma is hard. Losing it for an item that (early on) didn’t know even existed is down right annoying.

The worst part is that after I obtained my first searing enigma, I went out of my way straight to Codex because I was really looking forward to getting a new officer and learning their story. “Doomed Monster Hunter” sounded like it would be the start of a pretty cool quest.

It might be cool if the monster hunter was useable for something else too, if you don’t get the Icarus. Maybe it could be an auxiliary item worth one or two iron.