Does (spoiler) not count as winning?

I finally completed my first run that didn’t end in death. I flew east on a stolen airship. I also had my Invictus Token, so I thought this would unlock the associated achievement. But it didn’t.

So, am I correct to assume that to unlock the achievement, I have to complete my chosen ambition? Does founding a colony count? I think both the game and the wiki are a bit unclear about this.
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You are correct. Completing an Ambition is the only thing that counts for a “win” – stealing the Zeppelin or going through the Avid Horizon both count as “losses”, although they can be profitable losses. Hidden Ambitions also count for wins, including Kingdom and The East.

Thanks for the info.

Since my current run left a lot of advantages for the next captain, I’ll probably have my win soon enough.

Off topic, but this thread actually triggers the spoiler box in the Recent posts page. That’s kinda neat! I didn’t know that could happen.

Damn, you’re right. I fixed it now.

For posterity: putting [ spoiler ] without the spaces in the thead title breaks the forum. :)
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