Does player marriage give benefits comparable to..

My partner just became a PoSI, but I’m not one yet, so we started looking into how player-player marriage works while we still have the simple proposal option, since it’s much cheaper and (we think) has the same end result as the fancy one.
Most of the options on the ‘Attending to the Matter of Heart’ card require a ‘seen with’ quality–when you marry, you lose your ‘seen with’ quality and gain a new one. Does marriage unlock a new card option to continue getting relationship-based benefits from each other?

I know that the Jewel Thief and Artist’s Model marriages allow you to draw Opportunity Cards that can give you benefits, so my partner and I are trying to figure out if a marriage would be resourcefully worth it? I’m fond of the idea that the ring you get from player marriage gives you +1 of every main stat instead of just one or two, but he’s more interested in the card options one gets–and he plays more actively than I do.

Thank you!

At the moment, there are no benefits to Player/Player marriage besides the +1 to each stat, and, of course, the warm and fuzzy feeling the institution of wedded bliss will (hopefully) bring.

Ah that’s a shame… my person and I really enjoy taking each other to indulgent evenings and such in the relationship card, so it’s sad to know there isn’t an equivalent for marriage >:

They also give you a one time boost to notability if you spend enough on the wedding, which can be quite useful (although really expensive).

More importantly, does it give you tax breaks?

The rumor is that there will be, eventually, options that are also worthwhile, if you marry a player. There will also be divorce options, someday.

When such freedom comes to man, woman, and other in this realm, I look forward to many notable occasions, invitations, and party crashing when the prior did not arrive.

Also much gossip and scandal.

Probably the opposite, really, considering the tax on love stories.

Thank you all for the replies; tax breaks, aha.
Makes me wonder if tomb-colonists (the real ones, not avatar tomb-conlonists) get counted as dependents if they’re married to those in full-health so don’t get their tomb-benefits anymore.

Well, glad to know that there’s some talk of options being available. As-is, there’s no way I’ll be able to convince my partner it’s worth it, if he has doubts left after reading the thread. Silly NPC marriages…
You can’t ‘divorce’ players by betraying them to find The Name, then, I take it?

Player marriage was added after smen went on hiatus, so it’s probably not possible to answer that conclusively.

You can’t ‘divorce’ players by betraying them to find The Name, then, I take it?[/quote]

You could betray npc spouses, but because you can’t divorce a player yet, I’m not sure if you will be able to. It depends what goes live first, expansion of player marriages, or SMEN.

Also that’s a rather awful form of divorce, how could you, you are what’s wrong with this city, et cetera and so forth.

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If you’re willing to invest a significant amount of resources into planning your wedding, you get a rather interesting unique item and bit of content regarding a certain monarch.

Are the Masters of Fallen London open to Polygamy, or are they as shallow-minded as the Surface counterparts?

Interestingly, you can be ‘Seen With’ as many people as you’d like, even after you are married, which currently creates the odd loophole of being able to take your lover(s) out on dates but not your spouse. From answers the devs have given, I take it the ‘Seen With’ part is intentional, and the rest will be rectified once the spouse-only activities finally make it down the pike, but for the moment, it is rather skewed toward adultery.

Or open relationships, in any case. It certainly results in all sorts of love stories.