does it rain in the Neath?

Can’t remember if I’ve read something mentioning this or not. There would be condensation from the roof, of course, and there is definitely fog, but since it’s so large, I wonder if there could be more proper weather in the Neath, such as storm clouds and rain? I’m not a meteorologist. Maybe the temperature is too constant? But then again, there are seasons of a sort.

Well, there’s this storylet:

There are very light rains, which might be a result of a contained weather system, or might be the secretions of an ancient weather deity. There is also a sort of pseudo-rain, when groundwater leaks through the Neath’s roof, and which tends to be rather heavier and more unpredictable.

When you arrive at the Convent it mentions fairly heavy rain.

(Which like, a cavern the size of the Neath would definity have some kind of weather. Probably not like surface weather but. Its also the neath.)

There’s a comment about a storm brewing on the Dive card you get with a Zubmarine, although that doesn’t really mean it’s a particularly normal storm. Also Sunless Sea does have snow and fog. (And the wax wind, but that’s. Weirder.)

Though theer’s also mentions of the Unterzee being fairly calm compared to the surface oceans, so I suspect it’s probably not like surface storms.

Also stalagmites and stalactites are formed from water dripping from the roof and leaving behind traces of calcite. So at the very least you’d get dripping water off the cavern roof, and since there’s, you know, a zee, you’d probably get condensation from water in it evaporating.
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Hmm, yeah, there certainly don’t seem to be any waves. Which kind of makes sense, but it does make me wonder about wind. If there are temperature differences, I don’t see any reason there shouldn’t be wind. And also tides. No reason there shouldn’t be tides underground, that I can think of.

I forgot about the leaking groundwater. That could be intense. Thinking of it that way, I guess rocks, stalactites, and boulders might be common forms of precipitation as well.

From one of the opportunity i just got:
““A conversation in the rain” It’s rare for the rains from the cavern roof to be anything but gentle. But today, some subterranean aquifer must have broken. The gutters overflow. Water pours from the eaves. Rain drips from the hats and noses of three furtive figures waiting on the street corner.”

So, yes, it rain there, but heavy rains are uncommon.

[Looking at my Poison-Tipped Umbrella nervously] Well, of course it does rain, why are you asking?

(Apologies for raising this old thread, but I was about to ask the same. Because of the Umbrella.)
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