Does it matter who you toast?

I haven’t noticed any long term affects from the storylet where you decide which criminal kingpin to toast. Does it actually affect anything?

I’m pretty sure it doesn’t change anything at all yet.

I haven’t noticed anything, either, though I wish I could change mine. They were made so early in the game, before I properly understood the characters behind the toasts.

If you’re a role player - yes, it does (for the reasons known to your character(s), obviously).
If you’re not - the only thing that matters is lvl10+ quirks

It’s beautiful message about criminals! Toast all you like but money is truth.

Following the Legacy of the Anchoress felt like some super-important thing at the time. It’s never come up since, but it still holds a special place in my heart regardless.

Originally I had chosen to toast the Cheery Man because he was described as an honest fiend; cruel and merciless but bound by his oaths. When you are given a chance to change your choice at a Name Scrawled in Darkness 6, I decided to toast the Topsy King, not only because I had learned about his tragic past through my ambition, but also because of the melancholy and detachment of his crime. He steals not for money or fame, but for the art of it.

That’s simply my RP reasons for my choices, but as for in game the effects are limited, if any.

Each toast gives a boost/subtraction to certain qualities. There’s also the flavor text. All the reactions are different.