Does Godfall migrate?

I recently had cause to visit Godfall. Got there from the Court of the Wakeful Eye, which is reached via Home Waters and Shepherd’s Wash. Godfall is so close, it doesn’t even name the region of the zee when you nip over there. If you zail from London, it’s the same route.


When I wanted to leave Godfall, it showed a route through Stormbones to get back to London. That can’t be right, I thought, we’re not nearly far enough north. Let’s go back to the Court of the Wakeful Eye. Same thing. Not a hop, skip and jump, but a route through Stormbones.

In the end, that was how I had to return to London. So what was happening? NB I can’t replicate the error today – the route goes via Shepherd’s Wash and Home Waters, as you would expect.