Does anyone use text to speech with Fallen London?

I was sitting here playing when I realized that I could use a text to speech ( I understand things much better if I’m not reading it) I know this sounds weird but sometimes I have to read things over a couple times to comprehend. I found the addon for Firefox Read Aloud and it’s working quite well. What do you use if you are doing this too?

Just downloaded this and epubreader, thanks for mentioning it. I’ll report back on how it works for me.

Awesome… the other cool thing I noticed is while the &quot auto reader &quot is reading I can move to other tabs and windows

Sorry to say, the reader did not work well for me (the only “turn me off” option was to report a bug, so I got rid of it again. (I also do audio production so the quality of the auto-read was an issue, I’m afraid.) The epub reader is useful, however, so thanks for that.