Do Rat Barges...

…propagate more and more as you kill them? I was smoking a bunch of them earlier for fun, noticed more appearing every time one died, and now I have about 16 of them swarming around Nuncio…[li]

Hmm that definitely sounds like a bug (although maybe you’ve somehow inherited all of mine - I’ve not seen a rat barge in 2 captains). They should have the same spawn rate regardless of whether you kill them as far as I know.

There’s a bug some place that can cause this with any creature. I have not yet locked down the trigger circumstances, but it happened to me with the Eater-of-Names; quite intense until the game crashed! I have also experienced it with lifebergs.

Thank goodness it’s just Rat Barges, I guess…

I only had this bug once. I had a swarm of Jillyfish by Port Carnelian … in the fog … and they were popping up right next to me.
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I get this bug when I play for long sessions. Exit to menu and reenter the game and it should be cleared up.

My guess would be a new one can spawn once the one you’re fighting is pulled far enough away from its spawn point. And then another if the 2nd also gets pulled away, etc.
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