Do items behave like storylets or cards?

Since i dont want to waste my new rat of glory… If i use a second chance, fail the 1st attempt, and say &quotperhaps not&quot, can i repeat this again or the item gets &quotdiscarded&quot?

Yes, you can safely “perhaps not” out of a rat, I just did it.

But does the game treat the &quotsleeper agent&quot result as a rare success or as a rare failure? Because, if the game engines sees this as a rare success, then using a second chance won’t trigger and you won’t have a chance to &quotperhaps not&quot out of it.

EDIT: reading more closely, the warning text explicitly says that there’s a chance that &quoton success&quot the rat will be a sleeper agent. Given this phrasing, I don’t think that a second chance can protect from the possibility of this outcome.

edited by dov on 12/7/2015

I need the second chanche because i have a ~40% to succeed, the challange is quite hard

Like truthseeker said: I just used a second chance on my Rat of Glory, and got the sleeper agent rare “success”.
Thankfully, it took only 4 out of 114 Mourning Candles…