DLC Speculation and Ideas

Hey Delicious Skyfarers! In anticipation of the Albion rework, I wanted to get everyone’s ideas for what a cool Sunless Skies DLC would look like.

My idea would be a fifth region inspired by the presbyterate.  Basically, one of the kingdoms figured out how to open the avid horizon millennia ago and stole a sizable chunk from Stone to take with them, they then settled this new region and installed the mountain sherd as a proto-judgement.  The DLC would also feature a hidden ambition where you can establish a private kingdom in one of the new region's ports.

What do you think the DLC should look like?
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I remember that someone in a thread mentioned the Axile region as possible dlc since it’s been mentioned a lot, though never discussed in detail. I personally would want to know more about the Sequence triumvirate (the White, the Red, and the Gold) and the Aeginae since they are such a heavy part of the lore.

Axile is a possibility. Another possibility that I think would be pretty neat is if we returned to the Neath through the Avid Horizon in our locomotive. We’d be able to flyover the Unterzee and visit a few familiar ports, but we could also visit the ceiling cities, the Elder Continent, Hell and maybe even the Sixth City.


Gigantic creatures that supposedly lie in the spaces not as controlled by Judgments, from what I remember of the S Skies dev blog, haven’t gotten anything else about then though from my experience in Skies though.
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I would really really really like a dlc that refit the upgrade system and models slightly to be more like trains with different types of cars. My inner 6 year old is screaming at the lack of many important train elements. There’s no coal car! Where does the fuel come from? There’s no cars for carrying passengers or goods! MOST importantly, there’s no Caboose! What meaning is there in the life of a train with no garishly colored crew cabin at the back? Indeed, without the trail of cars behind it, is it even what one could call a &quotTrain&quot?

Or, since this would require extensive combat, ai, mobility, and art asset adjustments to an otherwise excellent system, my inner 6 year old would settle for a keybind to blow the train’s whistle manually. Which as every 6 year old knows, is the most important part of driving a train. Even, he reluctantly admits, more important than the Caboose.

I agree with Iron Eyes. I agree so much ! :D

Sweet dreams, sweet dreams… :inlove:

Personally, for whatever new explorable area is added, I would just like a new ambition for starting your own colony similarly to Aesteval in sunless sea, but with more build up, I want it to feel like I’m actually making a colony that can and does influence the world (something Aesteval did not do) and also build up your colony as a power to be feared. Maybe, if making a thriving colony is set as a new ambition the next person in the lineage unlocks a new ambition that builds on that and allows you to lead your colony to conquer other ports whether through diplomacy or blood. I feel like content on this level wouldn’t necessarily be enough for its own dlc but worthy of an update. I just want to see more ambitions and unique stories. The song of the sky and wealth ambition are a little too cut and dry for my tastes. I want more ambitions on the level of &quotThe Truth&quot ambition. That’s just my opinion though. Love the game either way and would love to see dlc no matter what it is! :)

In DLC, I wish we would get to

actually use the Unclear Bomb.

Or witness the ultimate Liberation, at least as a glimpse of a possible future.

I can’t leave the last comment as the negative, useless comment it is, so…

I’d prefer it if Failbetter found some way to layer content (with new ports, of course) over the existing content in the manner of Zubmariner, but I’m not sure how that would work. Diving under the Zee was such an elegant solution, and nothing similar occurs to me. I would definitely want a new ambition (or two)

I’m hoping for some more details about the Curators’ rebellion; after all, did every Curator fight on the same side, or against each other, and the fate of our favorite space crab and its Masters. It seems at least some of this will be coming out in the next update.

Also, I think that Axile and the White’s Kingdom would be next, given certain news clippings. While the Rubberies’ home is already reason for hype enough, it seems we’ll meet one of the great chromatic stars (The Gold, the Red, and the White), and learn just where their Arts come from. The White’s Kingdom would be interesting, given its role of spymaster and thus a potential peek at Judgement politics (especially how Albion would interact with the White) or the war against the Liberation.

I think whatever DLC we get should add some other Skybeasts to the prior locations.

Like Purple, Orange and Green Logoi that ignore you when you are Invisible but attack you when you are some two-part combination of the other three Statuses (Green: Antedeceased/Ephemera, Orange: Ephemera/Yoked Purple: Yoked/Antedeceased)

One thing I’d like is to learn more about the Gods of the High Wilderness and the Candle Wind. We have information on the Peacock Wind and Storm that Speaks already, but I’m curious what the Waif and Candle Wind even are. Of course, I haven’t finished The Truth yet, so I might learn more there.

I figure that any DLC would probably have another ambition, just like Zubmariner added Immortality to Sea. Perhaps you could end the Winchester War for good, or you could affect HRM and Albion in a more concrete way.

I really want to use the Unclear Bomb in the Mausoleum on something.

A bit out of left field, but perhaps being able to return to the Solar System would be cool. As it stands one thing that often bothers newcomers in the dissonance between the scientific reality of space and the fiction of the High Wilderness. It could be interesting to see what the Solar System looks like in this universe.

The place I’d most definitely want to visit most of all in all the cosmos is Axile. The Rubbery Men and everything connected to them are my favourite comprehensible part of the whole FL universe (as opposed to such things as Suns beneath the Sea and the names of certain distinguished individuals, which I consider a bit too abstract even now to fully wrap my mind around even if I love them to bits). I would just love to see the kinds of things the Flukes can get up to when they’re not preoccupied with, uh, integrating their agents into human society (very convincingly indeed) and can just let their shapeling craft go wild. There’s a lot of potential story hooks already in the game that could be used to open the path to the place; the House of Rods and Chains or Worblebury spring to mind.
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I’d really like to get more chummy with the Khanate and have more adventures with them. I already missed such an option in Sunless Sea.

Pretty sure someone wrote an adventure based in the Khanate – check the SS mods for more info (there’s a list on Steam, though that’s not where I picked it up; pretty sure I found it on here).

Pretty sure someone wrote an adventure based in the Khanate – check the SS mods for more info (there’s a list on Steam, though that’s not where I picked it up; pretty sure I found it on here).[/quote]
I saw that one but I’d rather not play story-focussed fan-content so I won’t mix up the lore.