Discussion: Next Year’s Mayoral Candidates

[color=#cc0099]Hello delicious friends - Now that you’ve experienced our Election festival, we would like to know who you would be interested in seeing as candidates in next year’s Election.

As many of you rightly surmised, we carefully and strategically considered which Fallen London characters would make interesting and diverse candidates for the 1894 Election. The 1895 Election will be no different, but we would love to hear which candidates you think would be exceptionally qualified.

And so, who would you like to see run for the 1895 Election and why?

P.S. We’ve also published some statistics from the 1894 Election today on our blog.

I’d like to suggest the Last Constable.

  • She’s a popular character from an early story most players have encountered, which would benefit newer players who haven’t otherwise encountered some of our previous canidates much before
  • She has an already obvious interest in changing the city
  • And, she’d provide a delightful opportunity for some serious Agitator Action if she was opposed by the Criminal elements. Involving your previous choices in Family & Law could also make it interesting.

-the affectionate devil. (Lets get some more species in here.
-the struggling artist. (I just want to see him fail at something.)

I don’t know if it would fit his plans and personality, but I’d like to suggest His Amused Lordship as a candidate. It would be a great opportunity interacting with/investigating him, both for those involved with the Dilmun Club and for new players (who haven’t met him yet).

If this isn’t possible, then I suggest another Dilmun Club-related character: the Implacable Detective (who temporarily becomes the Implacable Candidate!).

I would love to have a non-human mayor, for example:

-The Tiger Keeper
-The Corresponding Ocelot
-The No Longer Disgraced Rattus Faber Bandit-Chief
-The Hound of Heaven

If they have to be human, I think these would make interesting candidates:

-Lettice, the Mercy
-The Melancholy Curate and/or his Enigmatic Sister
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It seems that one part of the old suggestions thread remains untranslated. The Topsy King! The Most Capering Goden around! He’s a delight, and we need more of his almost urchin-esque behaviour.

I’d second the Last Constable. The Manager of the Royal Bethlehem I’d like…but he’s of more significance than the election might allow.
The Canny Costermonger
And definitely The Bishop of St Fiacre’s.

EDIT: Last Constable as I want to see her more, her sense of duty, and how that would interact with other factions. Manager as I want to see his views more, or what he claims them as, and to see him more involved with the city. Canny Costermonger because why not. St Fiacre as not only is he decidedly not…what he claims to be, he also would give a very unique perspective on this city, the Bazaar, and the city

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Artist, entrepreneur, champion of family values: let’s welcome Mr. Clathermont.

Miriam Plenty - she is a business woman and has an interesting background.

The Bishop of St Fiacre’s - a fascinating and compassionate man. I would love to see more of him outside the exceptional stories.

Feducci - he’s tough; mysterious and yet another character I would like to know more about

No no no, he can’t be a mayor and a judgement at the same time, we need to wait till Failbetter offers us a chance of turning him into a judgement! (then he can change the rules so that he can be a mayor and a judgement at the same time).

The Manager of the royal Bethlehem would be very interesting to have as a choice but I can’t see him running as a mayor, still, he would be an amazing candidate.

I say we vote in The Northbound Parlimentarian. My reasoning:

She is already a elected offcial and knows the position of power well.
Radical new ideas which London needs - like replacing all the city’s lamps with a specific number of candles.
She’s the perfect Anti Master Candidate for those who hate The Masters.

The Topsy King! Because he’s mad as a bat under a soaked hat and…well, stories with him have the potential to be very fun or very dark…maybe a mix of both and more/other elements.
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I’d recommend the Sardonic Music-Hall Singer, but she doesn’t strike me as the type of person crazy enough to run for office. Maybe some Sunless Sea characters, like the Voracious Diplomat?

The Tentacled Entrepreneur

It has business interests in the city. It can’t really talk. It doesn’t understand cutlery. What’s not to like?

Will it fight for rubbery rights? Will it call out the way rubbery characters are always given the Rubbery or Tentacled descriptor instead of something that actually describes their personality? Will its reign be rife with corruption? Will it line up ordinary Londoners and force them through the &quotEnhancement&quot process? I don’t know, but I look forward to finding out.

Personally, I’m torn between the Masters and the Revolutionaries. So I will vote the Curt Relicker… 's Rat Montgomery! Monty works for Masters with his once-revolutionary master. He is of Masters, of revolutionaries, and most importantly, he’s a rat.
Slightly more serious suggestions:
-the Melancholy Curate

(I’ve seen some interesting guys here. I wonder if some of us use this as a list of suspects… That’s awesome. Special constables may use this thread as a reference.)

I will go North and burn there, so perhaps I am not the best person to listen to in matters of ‘long-term stable government’. But it is clear to me that in terms of candidates likely to exhibit the kind of reckless, unthinking self-destruction I’ve come to love so much, there can be only one answer:

Your very own aunt.

A remarkable woman. Capable of many talents. Able to escape the clutches of the Embassy or the clutches of the Neath itself, depending. Only mildly likely to have been eaten or stuffed into a Christmas sack, which is better than you can say for most.

Vote for your Aunt. Vote for bad ideas.

. . .

. . .

The Starveling Cat?

[color=#ff9900]Best thread.[/color]
[color=#ff9900]Except no one’s suggested the Armoured Guinea Pig yet and I can only assume that’s some sort of disgraceful oversight.[/color]

If the Guinea Pig is an option, I would prefer to vote in a Sulky Bat.

What about Lyme for mayor? I would be proud to see my student get that high in the social ladder.