Disappointing stories

So, we all love fallen London, yes? And the writing is, usually, amazing, yes? Well, this topic Is here for you when it ain’t and you wish to complain! Of course, the story doesn’t need to be bad for you to complain, just to have left you cold. Feel free to change the topics name. I will start!

The jack 'o smiles story line was, to me, disappointing! It’s not that I entirely didn’t enjoy it-the start and middle of the story were excellent, and any reason to sail to polythreme is a welcomed by me(I love that place!), but the end of it? the reveal of Jack’s true nature and origins? Well, let’s just say I would’ve preferred if it was kept a mystery because, frankly, pondering it was far more fun than actually finding out.

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For the sake of a full review, did you choose the Fate option to become Jack?


No, unfortunately. I buy/spend Zero fate.

Laughs in “Sorceror-Scientist.”

(I have never known a story to have verbiage and tone/content so completely and utterly divorced from each other.)