Disappearing Notability?

I’m a comparatively recent PoSI. For some reason, my Notability keeps dropping and sometimes winking out of existence altogether. I can’t remember spending it on anything (other than my profession some weeks ago), and my Making Waves is usually around 12 when TtH comes by, so I can’t imagine that it’s not high enough to maintain a Notability of 1 or 2. But then suddenly I’ve got nothing.

Am I missing something? Are my MW not high enough? Have I inadvertently spent it in my pursuit of the Plated Seal?

Your making waves certainly sounds high enough, and I don’t think the Plated Seal has any effect on Notability. I’m not sure what’s going on.

There aren’t that many actions which remove Notability, which you can check here. Upgrading Professions doesn’t even lower Notability, just requires it. I guess you could check the TtH message to verify your MW was high enough at the moment it hit, but if it’s visibly high enough you should probably send in a bug report. This can be done through support@failbettergames.com or through the support website.

Thanks, both. I wanted to be sure I wasn’t missing something before I filed a bug report. Will do!