Direful Reflection

Has anyone else found the &quotdireful reflection&quot item (or its use??) there’s a (I think new-sh) opportunity card that lets us talk a bit more directly with dr. schlomo.
prehaps we’ll start seeing more of the fingerkings?

I’ve just got a new Schlomo card - at least I have never seen it before. You have to have Nightmares 3, Bohemians 6 and POSI. So I now have a Direful Reflection bur lost some dream quality and an Extraordinary Implication. Now it looks like I have to wait to see him again to find out what it does.

Ah, so thats what this Interpreter of Dreams card does. Now I just need to go get about seven more levels in chess dreams so I can play it.

I had a choice of Chess or Death by Water, Chess was higher so I went with that.

For some reason chess could be done with no actions, but death by water required you to use an action-- so I went with chess as well[li]

Oh my, the card’s grown two new options since I last looked at it. Now I can also use Death by Water, but there’s another option to gain Making Waves.

Went ahead and clicked on that one, and it brought me to something very like the old Dr. Schlomo card with options for each kind of dream. Got the lucky result choosing Death by Water for at least 3 cp of Making Waves and some nightmare reduction.

I did a Death by Water option and got a Favor in High Places. Neat, but not a fancy new item :V

anyone found a use for direful reflection yet? I got that dr. schlomo card again this weekend, and it still had death by water/chess, any thoughts on whether we’ll see other dreams on this card?[li]

There’s a Glassman Option in the Honey-Dens that needs them. 101 of them.