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Feel free to contact me in re: nemeses!


This may be a silly question so do forgive me: What exactly happens if you are interviewed by someone? I am willing to be interviewed for whatever, but I’m not too clued up about the effects…

If you’re interviewed, you’ll get a small drop in both Suspicion and Scandal (1cp each?), while the interviewer gets a small amount of copy (3 of each?).

Ahh, thankyou for explaining. In that case sign me up, I am now thoroughly wanted by the constables, so any drop in suspicion is most welcome.

My alt character is available for Light Fingers! interviews: @PodoDeepdelver on Twitter.

The interviewer gets 3 of each kind of copy, and three Appalling Secrets.

Kitty Rivershack (@kittykayak) - HD delights in interviewing and in being interviewed. I have the honour of editing the Northways Gazette-Expostulator.
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I am willing to do interviews as well–my Ambition is Nemesis. I also own a newspaper (The Spitalfields Explorer–“All the truth you can stand, and then some!”). I am @cathyr19355 on Twitter.

I have a paper I’ve been neglecting at present called the Demon Kitty Times, and would be happy to be interviewed about the Marvelous (heart’s desire).

Heart’s desire, named my paper the Proscribed Immaterial. not a tweeter, just on facebook: Redirecting...

Hi, I’m new and this is actually my first post!

I don’t have a paper yet but am more than willing to be interviewed. on Twitter I’m @WintersNight and I’m doing Heart’s Desire

Redirecting... Nemesis

More than happy to be interviewed
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Greetings, friends. I have recently started a paper, (the Daily Grind) and I am in need of outstanding citizens to interview. I am quite willing to lend my thoughts on that elusive card game I am currently pursuing (HD).


Looking for willing citizens to interview for our revolutionary paper “The Daily Truth”, out to expose the brutalities of the Neddy men and the Velocipide squad. I am also willing to talk about my ambition: if one is to achieve freedom, liberty and equality for all men of Fallen London, it seems that a card game is as likely a method as any.

I am a newspaper owner (The Occasional) and available for Heart’s Desire interviews. @ocasionalmadnes on Twitter.

I have a newspaper as well, the Daily Correspondence, and am on Hearts Desire as an ambition. Feel free to look me up @ThisIsFalse

I am the owner of The Thunder Courant and I’m also avaliable for interviews about Heart’s Desire. Twitter is @FelicityChase (but my name shows up as Rachel Yee).

I am pursuing Heart’s Desire and would be happy to respond to interviewers. I am also the proprietor of the Bell, Book and Candle. My Twitter is @ThirdTerrene.

Please add me to the list of Newspaper owners as well. Redirecting.... This is the same account connected to the Apollo Fireweaver forum account, I can’t seem to get back into it
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