Difficulty with Monkeys: Admiral already gone...

Wandered down, talked with some monkeys - err, Apes, sorry - and back to FL. But although the notes in the Empire of Hands said expect something at your lodgings after submitting the Port Report, there’s no place to submit - the Admiral long since departed the scene.

Am I just out of luck? If so, perhaps some warning would be in order for others who may enter this trap. {I am already perturbed that I may have taken a ‘wrong’ option and lost the chance at a new crew member, I suspect…]

Can you still submit other port reports somewhere? - or have you completed a storyline that locks that to you? (Sorry - not familiar with all the lines…)
edited by babelfishwars on 1/22/2015

Wait, if the Admiral leaves, does the Survey Office also close?

It used to - not sure if it still does.[li]

The Admiralty in toto is gone, consequence of promoting the Dawn Machine. So Port Reports now sit in my Hold, unusable as far as I can tell.

My guess is that this is a game-breaker, I just don’t know whether it’s an intended game-breaker :-)

Yeah, without the Admiral you can’t deliver the Comprehensive Port Report to actually progress. That’s probably not intentional.