Did polythreme move?

I know some of the island locations changed (Station III to east of Abbey Rock, etc). I can’t seem to find Polythreme now…and I don’t want the bruiser to be angry with me [li]

The Emerald release introduced Map Shuffling.

ohhhh yes. yes i see. I zee.

On my latest game I was surprised to find Polythreme way far away, directly adjacent to the Khans Heart. The shuffling has lead to some interesting map setups. The Salt Lions are now closer than even Venderbright so several runs there and back netted me a fortune. Mt. Palmer though is now so far away from anything else that getting there is a dangerous trip. The shuffling has definitely increased the replayability of the game.

I feel like they could still improve it, however.

Definitely. Honestly I think one of the easier things would be to rotate the island tiles as well as relocate them.

I don’t think that’s as trivial as it sounds. If you look closely, islands that don’t have their own light sources (and some that do) tend to be drawn as being lit from the north-east. If you rotate a tile you lose that consistency of orientation.

I’m not sure the position of the Sea of Screams should be randomized, although it’s implied that it’s very difficult to find Polythreme within the Sea.

[li]wouldn’t it be freaky-cool if Poly actually did move after every visit? nothing transnational, of course, but if it moved within the bounds of the Screaming Seas. if it is a place where ‘nothing is truly dead’ and wine screams from cups that laugh & etc., why not a whole island that criddle-diddily crawls away on its own?

That would go a ways to explaining why you need a living map to find it in fallen london


I believe the game should tell you the general direction to Polythreme when it assigns you the mission to go there, but my last game it ended up on the far side of the Khanate which was fairly annoying.

Also there was mention of having alternate island shapes and stuff like that in the patch notes so it’s possible there might be alternate layouts of tiles at some point in the future. (If there aren’t already, but I don’t remember seeing anything yet.)

That would go a ways to explaining why you need a living map to find it in fallen london


Well you need the map to get to the sea of voices at all, it’s also necessary to get to Grunting Fen, so I think it’s more just a case of the usual Zee rearranging itself.