Did Notability just change overnight?

Yesterday I needed 26 Making Waves to get Notability 7
Today it seems I need 36 instead.
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Not that I noticed. Could it be that you changed your BDR gear?

Did you take a look at your loadout? I’m guessing you changed your Respectable/Dreaded/Bizarre quantities.

It does change overnight, but only in the opposite side, when “time the healer” comes and you have insufficient “making waves”.
Considering your case… Make sure you equipped all RDB items.

Though, I’ve encountered some strange bug today: when I look at other players profiles, they appear to be either entirely “naked” or having POSI items and still naked.


I didn’t change my loadout and I could swear it was 26 yesterday and now it is 36 (I mean MW requirement for Notability 7). Either it is a glitch and system doesn’t see my equipment or something changed [or my memory glitched but I’m pretty sure it isn’t as I won’t even attempt to get Making Waves 36, it is impossible for me, and I’m sitting on 26 right now)
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Okay, so what notability do you have right now, and what BDR items are you wearing? The formula is known…

Oh, and do you have any tattoos?
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What’s your BDR? The formula is Making Waves = [20 - (B+D+R) + 4 * N]

Notability 6, wearing Bizarre +8, Respectable +6, Dreaded +2 (if you count extended inventory with clubs, ships and such) and I have 2 Bizzare tattoos

With extended inventory and tattoos it is 20-18 + 24=26
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Hey, right now MW requirement changed back to 26. I guess it was some glitch in the system after all.
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Weird glitch.

Just checked mine, and it works out correctly for me.

Similar things have happened in the past, with bonuses from equipment not being properly applied. Almost always un-equipping and then re-equipping fixes the bug.

Thank you, I’ll know for future.

Same thing happened to my brother. It’s likely there was some change in the background.

Yeah, earlier today the game somehow had me at 0 Respectable despite the fact that I had 10 worth equipped. I unequipped and re-equipped and all was well.

[color=#e53e00]Hello all! Developer Sam here. I’m on the case of squashing this particular bug; If you’d like to help me, and have experienced/are experiencing this, then could you send an email over the support@failbettergames.com? If you add the title ‘BDR/Notability Bug for Sam’ that’d be amazing. Cheers! [/color]

BFW edit: donating Sam some colour so you spot this. :)
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