Diary of the Dead, in a post-Raven world?

Hey, characters. Looks like since they added the (really cool) Feed-The-Birds content with the Dazed Ravens, one can no longer purchase Diaries of the Dead at the Bazaar. Has anyone found a way to get them other than rare-drops when turning Aeolian Screams into Storm Threnodies or from the Relickers? Now that the attribute cap has raised, there’re other places I’d rather spend my hard-earned Scraps. Thanks, everyone!

You can totally buy a Diary of the Dead at the Bazaar, it’s at the bottom of the Goods list.

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Hm - sure they’re no longer at the Bazaar? It looks as though they are to me - in the general Goods section, for the same old price.

If that’s true, they did it very recently; I owe my Devious Raven Advisor to getting Diaries of the Dead at the Bazaar. Wasn’t cheap, but I’d wanted a critter with Shadowy more than +3 for awhile.

Spend Scraps with 150 shadowy works. (Wiki link)
(Though you don’t really save anything…)
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What everyone else said. Remember, the “My Things” tab only shows items you have at least one of.

Oh thank heavens. I was looking under the “Curiosities” tab. Thanks, everyone!