Devilbone Dice: What are they for?

A question for my fellow Neath citizens. What exactly are devil bone dice used for? I happened to come across one while appropriating various bundles of oddities in the Flit (Along with an unfortunately staved cat) however I have been unable to find a use for it so far.

IIRC, they were used to create Collections of Curiosities in the Bazaar Sidestreets, but that has changed, so I’m not sure they have any use right now.

I think the requirements for creating a Collection changes constantly (like something controlled by Airs, but I’m not sure), so it may become a requirement again soon. Either way, they’re rare, so hold on to them.
edited by Shadowhand on 3/10/2015

I don’t think they change constantly. I just checked two accounts, and both of them matched up perfectly with what was listed on the wiki. One’s Airs quality is 24, the other is 50. Looking at the History of the page the price changed to its current requirements on June 17th.

I’m sure the item will get some use eventually, so it’s definitely worth holding onto. You never know when you might need one.

edited by Sara Hysaro on 3/11/2015

Rule of thumb: if it is hard to come by, hoard. It is not particularly tempting to sell it anyway.

Another somewhat related question: What about the starving cat? I happened across the wretched creature at the same time as my devilbone dice. So far the uses I can find for him are…terrible ideas…to say the least.

Starveling Cats are very useful at Hallowmas (or if you need to raise wounds and nightmares at any time).

Also if you decide to follow the Seeking Mr Eaten’s Name path … when it eventually returns … you will need more than one.

You can introduce your grubby kitten to the starveling cat if you have both. You can also release the starveling cat if you have a rat problem? I have always liked my starveling cats.

I’m following the philosophy that you can’t have too many cats, kittens, panthers, etc.

My only exception is my Midnight Matriarch, which I unfortunately had to let go, since she had the habit of occasionally eating one of my rats.