Im a new player. And I don’t know how to set your destiny for the first time. Can someone help step by step where to go what to get so I can get a destiny please. I would be interested for Authority(+5) dangerous. Thanks for the help. I only unlocked Wolfshanks Docks outside the starting areas and the carnival.

You need to get nightmares and making waves to 5, then await the &quotA Visitor&quot card. To choose Authority, look at this guide

Road to Authority:

  1. Raise your Making Waves and Nightmares both to 5 or more (the options under &quotAttract a visitor&quot help you with that)

  2. Draw opportunity cards until you get &quotVisitors at Hallowmas&quot

  3. Choose &quotAn unmarked black coach&quot on that card***

  4. Eventually click the storylet called &quotAver it&quot on the final choice

*** Actually, you need to be &quotA Scholar of the Correspondence&quot for that which, as a new player, you’re almost certainly not. So you’ll either have to pick another Destiny or wait until Christmas (Destinies are much easier to gain then).
You can become A Scholar of the Correspondence by pursuing your Watchful quality.
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I see a lot of destinies are needed to be unlocked with cave fish. Where to find some?

Theres an option to buy them on the same card.

So what options ffrom the Visitors card to choose for Shadow +5 or Persuasive +5? Thanks for the help.

You can only have one destiny, so you would have to give up “authority” to get those.

I cannot get authority I don’t have the watch prerequisite A Scholar of the Correspondence. So I have to pick the other ones. So for me both Shadow +5 and Persuasive +5 is nice. So was wondering what choices from the Visitors at Hallowmas starts the quest chain for Shadow +5 or Persuasive +5.Thanks.

An abyssal future (A thud at the window)
Sacrifice the Bazaar

An obscure future [b](A furtive knock at the back door)
The captivating princess
No one

A silvered future (A metallic rap at the door)
Mr. Wines
The bloody handed queen
The diabolical Diplomat

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How can you change a destiny after you have already chosen one?


Hold on I was editing it and accidentally posted. And the only way to change is with fate.

Okay, thank you :) Would you reccomend any destinies ? I know that sounds weird but I do not much care for the stats, I mainly want an interesting story :P

I think they’re all interesting. Most of them answer deep lore questions. You can google them if you want to check what you’re getting into. Or specify what you’re looking for if you don’t want spoilers.
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Does it cost fate to switch destinies (if you’re not purchasing a fate locked option)?

It always costs fate to switch destinies.

Does it mean that if I already have a certain destiny I want it’s useless to get the same one on Hallowmas? Do they not stack or smth?
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You can’t get another. You’re blocked from the storylet.

Hm, I can’t prove this because I don’t have enough Making Waves and all options on the card are locked anyway, but I don’t see anything that forbids me from choosing them?
Now that I took a look at a destiny guide I’m thinking about changing my Destiny, can I not do this as well then?