Esteemed londoners,[li]
Apologies, that my first contacts with you regard an inquiry. However, for quite some time I have been indisposed - and I have recently heard that certain amongst you discovered a bit about your future during last Hallowmas.

I am curious to know what my future might hold, and have been struggling to find if I must wait until next Hallowmas to do so.


  • Khreyseis

Well I’m afraid you might have to wait till next Hallowmas as the only other way to access destinies was through buckets of lacre offered around Sackmas but I think that by now, any buckets that were around have melted. Sorry.

It’s possible that between now and Sackmas there will be another opportunity to obtain a Destiny. False-Summer seems like an especially likely time of year; there are all those shimmers.

Thank you; I shall keep my ear to the ground, particularly regarding False-Summer.