Destinies: Whyfor?

As another Fruits of the Zee passes, it struck me that after holding onto The Road for years and years I have less to show for how it affects my character than my Hesperidean Cider, my Ambition, my Ubergoat and even my Hellworm. As far as I can remember, Destinies have only come up in the Empress’ Shadow story. Things have come to the point where I’m seriously considering switching one just for the hell of it-and yet, the faint hope of becoming a space bat even despite not pursuing my Heart’s Desire has kept a tight grip on The Road.

Does anyone else actually use opportunities like Fruits of the Zee to change their destinies? Why or why not? Because after so long, I can’t but feel like whatever the key to my character’s future actually is won’t be it.

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I held onto Gloom for about 6 years, having picked it without fully understanding the ramifications at the time but liking the general vibe of it. And while I didn’t care about the +5 Shadowy I like how it informed my character: they were a revolutionary Crooked Cross who chased secrets and power regardless of cost.

Then when my Ambition finished, I made an unexpectedly selfless choice at a critical moment. Mechanically I had some quibbles, but thematically I couldn’t have picked better; that was how I wanted to play the character, as a kind of reformed monster who believed in trying to make things better.

And so earlier today, when I was looking for a certain Hooded Lady and accidentally clicked on the Reprise and spent 25 fate, I was obviously frustrated at first but then I thought… why not? I’m not who I was, so maybe I’m also not going to be who I once would have been.

I like that Destinies are a fairly fixed tool to help frame what your character is about. But I also like the idea that Destiny could change at least once, and finishing one’s Ambition feels like a very reasonable place where we might become something new.


I have kept my destiny since I started playing some five to six years ago. I picked Backstage, with my character taking immortality for herself.
And while it has not been story-relevant I still consider it one of the things that burns in her heart and drives her, so fit perfectly with the way I play her, even if it never comes to fruition.

I even played Sunless Sea, with a character with the same name and portrait, where you can achieve something similar. So even if it never comes to anything in FL, I have an idea of how her goal would play out.


Gloom from the very beginning, wished I had Backstage, but not spending Fate for an additional +3 Persuasive.


Nice! I have The Memory currently, so thematically I don’t think I’d ever need to change it since it seems to be all about change.

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thanks my issue has been fixed.