Denunciation gun vs reproach


The Denunciation gun has no advantage over the reproach but is costlier. Is it because it allows torpedoes too? That’s not too clear. What are the guns allowing torpedoes?
Also what about the torp net, I never saw a ship firing torps on me…

added question, is it moddable?

Guns with torpedoes are supposed to do more hull damage.

Is what moddable?

It is a bug, the value are just swapped, they know and it will be fixed in the next update i think.

so, the stats are not good? I would like to buy a gun with torpedoes throwers.

Do we have some xml around to edit values?

Denunciation and Reproach damage are swapped and they are just &quotcannon&quot (there are no Torpedoes Deck weapon).
Then, there are several Torpedoes throwers weapon, and it’s hinted in the description.

What would you edit?

UPDATE: Well, currently other four weapons have value inverted… 2 torpedoes and 2 flensing weapons, but i think the Dev are aware of theese to.
edited by Frenzgyn on 2/11/2015

There are no Deck-mounted guns that fire torpedoes. Afaik they’re all Forward-mounted. As for enemies that shoot torpedoes, spend some time zailing around Gaider’s Mourn.

Unfortunate, given how Reproach feels quite adequate and not at all overpowered for its price. As others have suggested elsewhere, I’d sooner strengthen Denunciation than re-nerfing Reproach.

It’s just a matter of progression.

Deck Weapons (there are just four) have 8/8 12/12 15/15 18/18 damage. If you buff something, you have to buff everything.