Delicious community, I am in need of advice.

I’ve posted about this in The Bazzar, but it seems this may be a more appropriate place?

I was introduced to London by a friend who had mentioned playing several times, knowing I’d love it. It wasn’t until a specific card involving 400 weasels was mentioned that I knew I had to join. I set out on a quest to become the greatest weaseler that London has ever seen. I’d like to create the largest army of weasels and take over the city.

I’ve befriended a sweet salt weasel, as well as many Londoners. I’ve become a PoSi, a captain, an author (and then misclicked to quit being an author), involved in the soul trade and accidentally gazed on a great machine. My time here has been amazing and I’ve loved it so much.

Last night, something very bitter sweet happened: I drew an enthusiastic number of weasels card, the very card that brought me here. The very reason that I’ve had from day 1 to come to our fair city. And here I am on a cross roads. I don’t want to go. There’s so much more to do and see in the Neath, but how can I ever accomplish more with my character? Does this mean that I must go North? It’s not something I want. I very much do not, but I kind of had the realization that it does make the most sense. It’s the most logical direction that I was unaware this path would take me.

Please, delicious community…please tell me what else I could do? Please tell me how I could stay. For I don’t want to go.

Your friend,
The winking weasel

Good evening, Winking Weasel

You have chosen an odd goal as a character. Most people would consider becoming a weaseller less than a side quest. Getting the achievement shows an appreciation for the little fellows, or that you enjoy the ridiculousness of it. However in actions, echoes or words it is only a small goal, technically achievable within a day for late game players.

Others strive for Paramount Presence, Poet-Laurate, Couriers Footprint, Hesperidean Cider, a Heptagoat, the Seven-Fold Knock, the content boundery of their Ambition, exploring every location, getting every companion, etc, etc. There are many goals you can set for yourself. There is no reason to venture North if you don’t want to, and enough to do if you change your current mindset a bit.

If you want to stay in character you can still set your goal to an insanely high number of weasels. The arbitrary 400 that Failbetter Games gave us doesn’t have to be your limit. Getting thousands, or tens of thousands or even more of a certain item isn’t unusual within this community. (On the forums you may notice a lot of goals of players involving getting high numbers of sevens, like 77.777) You can do the same for Araby fighting weasels.

You already have a salt-weasel, but do you own a celebrated weasel? If not, stick around at least till next Hallowmas.

The main use of weasels (if you don’t intent on feeding them to tigers or carnivorous plants) is giving them a happy home with an urchin, so another goal could be maxing out your Renown: Urchins. If you choose to do so, then you may pick up What Might Be a Thunderbolt on the way, which also is an interesting quest.

Hope this helps!

… I set out on a quest to become the greatest weaseler that London has ever seen. …

Your friend,
The winking weasel[/quote]


Congrats (Conga-Rats) on becoming a Weaseler!
It sounds like you have not nearly reached your goal of becoming the greatest weaseler, but rather have only just become ‘A’ weaseler - there’s quite a difference, I’m sure.

  • What you need is ways to establish your preeminence. I would suggest that you ensure you have completed all aspects of weasel activities and have collected all available weasels as a first step. [/li][li]Secondly, maybe you need a Weaseler Blog or something, where you express opinions and anecdotes regarding weasels, as well as daily life here in the 'Neath, including non-weasel topics - you know, kind of alternating in weasel-based content and non-weasel content.[/li][li]Thirdly, you might consider obtaining weasels or ferrets in the real world, and including them in the aforementioned blog - with plenty of pics, of course.[/li][li]Another Idea (Edit) you could organize an association of weaselers - both for weaselers and weaseler wannabes.

I think, if you were to do something like the above, you would definitely be acknowledged as at least ‘A’ great weaseler - competitive reputation would depend on quality, longevity, investment, keeping up with any new weasel content, etc.

By the way, I am new to Fallen London and only have a few Friends so far, but at least one of them, Jolanda Swan, is a Weaseler - she might have some ideas for you as well.

G’Luck! :cool:
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There are those of us who are (and we shall remain nameless!) already planning the downfall of the Bazaar!

We shall storm it with waves of wild and willing weasels – dastardly plans are being forged in out-of-the-way coffee houses and tea shoppes to overrun the Infernal Embassy and overwhelm the very Gates of Hell (if we can sneak on board the 12:15 and elude the guards. Goat demons, as everyone knows, are to weasels as elephants are to mice: petrified of the wily little wagabonds, lest they attach themselves to any precious appendages, of which GDs have far too many.

I shall send an urchin to the Mandrake. The sign shall be a weasel rampant, crossed with a Fingerking, on a –

Thank you friends.

You’ve given much to consider!

Ooooh this makes me want to work on that weaseller fangame I started years ago and never finished…fellow weaseller, I salute you on this momentous of occasions and wish you luck on your continued weaselly activities!