Deleting Things

Hey guys, I’m new to Story Nexus but I’ve already started creating my world. I’m really just experimenting with the engine at the moment and I created a number of storylets and qualities that were just for experiment purposes.

Now that I know what they do a little more I want to get rid of the experiments but there doesn’t seem to be a way to get rid of them. How do you delete storylets ans qualities?

Worlds and storylets cannot be deleted in Storynexus (to prevent breaking worlds for existing players).

Instead, its is advised that for any Storylet you want to remove from view, you add a quality requirement of Impossible! 1. Give it a tag of DEPRECATED or similar to group out-of-use cards together for recycling.

Alternatively, if it’s appropriate, create a new world and start over.

What about qualities? My test character now has a bunch of qualities and items that don’t make any sense.

Same goes for qualities, I’m afraid.

I recommend reducing your test character’s level in those qualities to 0 with the Debug tools and setting them aside for recycling.

Ok thanks for your help.

You can also just go back to the qualities or storylets you made and rewrite them. Any changes you make overwrite the content for everyone.