Decreasing wounds

I currently trying to get proscribed material, via unfinished business in watchmakers hill. I don’t have to great dangerous (63%), so I’m getting a lot of wounds. Right now I’m on the verge of death (two change points to death), and I’m wondering if there are any good ways to decrease wounds. Thanks.

Well, the first one is simple, but less than trivial. die. chess with the boatman reduces your wounds by 2 cp each time, or three if your boatman’s opponent is high enough. alternatively, if you’re not interested in that, taking some refreshment turns out to be rather profitable. 1 epa and -1 wounds per action isn’t amazing, but if your dangerous is high enough to 100% it, I might recommend it, or i might not.

If you have tinctures of vigor, they’re not terrible either, nor is convincing people to send you assistance with wounds.
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Okay, if anyone will send me assistance that would be nice. Were can you find the 1 epa -1 wounds thing?

I generally just use the ‘Time in Bed’ option at your lodgings that appears when you have 2 or more wounds. It cost three actions and reduce wounds by a decent amount. Especially if you have a certain level of acquaintance with the Wry Functionary, Famed Music-Hall Singer, Regretful Soldier, and/or Repentant Forger, as their options are generally better than the standard ones, I find.
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The time in bed option can also reduce nightmares. What I try to do is wait until I have both wounds and nightmares, then reduce them simultaneously.

Yeah, I think I’m going to do the time in bed option (I have a lot of nightmares from expeditions).

P.S Thanks for the help with wounds Harlocke

If you have no money to waste on tinctures (from the pawnbroker at bazaar) then your best bet is asking other players to nurse you back to health. Almost everyone will drop at least one action to heal you - ask here:

I have just sent you one, on a ‘drunkard’ character. The message will arrive saying they might be trying to poison you. They almost never are;)

Getting someone else to nurse you back to health (an alt works too) is the fastest way to decrease Wounds, lowering it by one to eight CP per action.

I’ll just use my alts, I don’t want to waste other peoples actions.

That’s the First Coil of the Labyrinth - you need some jade to buy the refreshments but you do get more than a wounds reduction. It is also a great way to reduce UP if you need to get rid of those black bordered cards.