Declare No More Limbs Needed For Skeleton Option?

Is there any option for this?

With the recent addition of options to make reptile or amphibian skeletons, there should be a skeleton build for a &quotsnake&quot, which is of course limbless.

I own the Complete Guide to Frogs etc and it hasn’t popped up yet. I…don’t see any reason WHY in-universe, it would be any less convincing that strapping a brass skull to a thorned ribcage or putting fins and dear shins on a human one. But it’s just not there.

Alright, thanks for mentioning. I am sending a feedback email.

The number of limbs required is tied to the number of free joints on your skeleton, but I see no reason why we can’t have an Amalgamy option to remove joints, or an equivalent of the Stygian Ivory option to cover them with something else.