After a lot of investigations, I finally know the identity of the murderer of the Senior Reader in _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . The problem is that if I decide to reveal his identity, my University career would be ruined!

So what do you advice me to do? Blaming a patsy, or the Provost? Which decision would unlock more stories for me and give me better rewards?
edited by Voodoo Master on 5/21/2012

Personally, I was of the opinion that it never hurts to have more contacts instead of fewer, and I’d just got my office arranged how I liked, so I pushed my dear colleague under the metaphorical hansom cab. Besides, I think the tomb-colonies might be good for their lungs…

Storywise, I can’t really remember the specific rewards - I don’t find myself visiting the university often anyway and there are ways round being unwelcome, so the TL;DR of all this is: choose what’s best for your character and pick up the pieces afterwards.

Immediate story opening & reward differences are minimal. They may later be greater, depending on your ambition and on yet unreleased content. Go with your character’s morals - it’s almost always a sound approach.

Will both options allow me to Set out on a Scientific Expedition?

Yes. Originally I had planned to hand her over and gain favor with the Masters, but I knew my character would never be able to look at himself in the mirror ever again if he allowed an innocent to take the blame.

I am currently Connected to The Masters of the Bazaar at 11 and can sleep with soundly. I’d say it was the right the choice for me.

I did not decide yet, but I now know the consequences of any of these choices. Thank you all.

If you get kicked out of the university, you can make your way back in later, after the Scientific Expedition content. There’s no particular reason to get kicked out, you don’t get any new content that you wouldn’t get by staying, though.

I suspect that it’s more for the story than the rewards.

Is Flute Street no longer dependent on getting kicked out of the University?

I don’t think it ever was.