December Exceptional Story: Steeped in Honey

I confess I am stuck. If anyone who has completed this story can offer me some guidance, it would be much appreciated.

[spoiler] I have &quotthere’s nothing more you can learn here&quot at the House of Charity and at the Honey Den. Clicking on the Vagabond’s card only gives me an option to go to Watchmakers Hill.

At Watchmakers Hill, I have three options: buying a round a Medusa’s head, visiting the address or find the contact. &quotFind the contact&quot is locked because I don’t have A Name in Watchmaker’s Hill. I’ve tried the other two options multiple times to no avail, and I went through a full deck of opportunity cards in case there was anything there, but also nothing. The only thing I can think of where I might have missed something that immediately after I sampled the honey (enough!), I drank some dark drop, when I went back to the story tab, I was out in veilgarden and could not get into the honeyden again. There were some other other options in that location that I didn’t have the opportunity to explore. [/spoiler]
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[quote=MissZhang]I confess I am stuck. If anyone who has completed this story can offer me some guidance, it would be much appreciated.

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You need to find the Parlour Key in order to unlock the item that contains the letter with the Address you need. Can you get into the House of Charity, or haven’t you tried because of the message? If it’s the former, put in a request for help to the Failbetter support staff (same people who deal with bugs).

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Thanks Catherine! I edited it immediately!

[spoiler] I have found the parlor key and gotten the address, but not the name of the gentleman I am seeking. Having the address unlocked the following at watchmaker’s hill.

Go to the address
The person who slipped it under the Withered Vagabond’s parlour door could still be there.

But when I go to the address, it states:

The address is of a dilapidated boarding house on the edge of Bugsby’s Marshes. The crone who answers your knock will not let you in until you tell her who you’re visiting.

Neither &quotBuy a round&quot or &quotGo to the address&quot lets me advance (tried multiple times), and &quotfind the contact&quot is locked because I do not have the Name.

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You should get the Name when you are leaving the Honey Den. If you can reenter the Honey Den, you should go to the Inner Sanctum and then leave from there. If that’s impossible, you might need to contact the Failbetter support staff.

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I’ve only visited Veilgarden so far, but I think I missed something. I missed copying an echo because I didn’t copy and paste a title–I saw the vagabond enter the combo of the safe, but there’s no number, was the actual number given on the action just before that? I think I missed another based on the same issue, but I’ve wised up and will be careful from now on. Did I miss the actual number, or isn’t one given?

Either way, the game remembers your character saw it, so you’ll be able to open the safe.

Pretty sure the game doesn’t give you the actual combo. Your character sees it, but it’s not given to you as the player.

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Well, I spoke the truth and boldly rebuked vice, and I suppose I received the ending I wanted. I only wish there was a way to have that Gimlet-Eyed Proprietor imprisoned for life.

Thank you menaulon. I will submit a bug report to the staff. I am unable to re-enter the place where I should have discovered something important to my progress. I will warn everyone to avoid the temptation of stopping for a cup of dark drop… it may cause you to miss things unintentionally

I quite enjoyed this story as well. Even as a pragmatic and cold individual, it’s hard not to feel for the Vagabond’s case. For an intelligent, kind, yet willfully naive individual like her to be reduced to that state pulled at heartstrings I rarely remember I possessed. The end choices were quite difficult, and the ending a little sudden, but overall an enthralling (heh) scenario.

P.S. I knew how red honey was harvested, but I was unaware of the…psychic connection it still had with its donor. A sobering price of my pasttime.

This was an astonishing story! Intrigue, horror, and heartbreak. Truly, the Neath doesn’t treat the good-hearted and lovestruck well. At least I trust the House of Charity to be kinder.

I agree wholeheartedly. This might have been the only time I wanted to find a Special Constable and report the breach of the Masters’ laws and, of course, there were none in sight. [li]

The first time I played through, I thought that the box you had the option to destroy was the rest of the honey from the Withered Vagabond. Having taken her back to her house, I wanted to believe this.

I’m definitely annoyed I didn’t get to do anything to the red honey den or the proprietor :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there a big difference in rewards between the three endings/reasons? Do any of them leave anything in the long-term?

Ain’t that the truth. Or a good old-fashioned shanking. My ABoD is itching…

Wonderful story but I am wοefully stuck. I am supposed to have a ring so I can get more clues from Watchmaker’s hill for the third ending, but it is nowhere to be found. I sampled at Mnemosyne and found the safe combination and the parlor key. Both other locations hold no clues to me (I have no choices there). What am I missing?
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edited by Jolanda Swan on 12/1/2017

Explore the House of Charity further. There are some options you have yet to pursue.

It will not let me back in. Should I contact Failbetter?

Just finished this story this morning after a lengthy scouring around to make sure I really had discovered everything I could everywhere else and then a reluctantly taking the sample, knowing the pain it would bring and wishing there were some other way.

I’ll echo everyone else’s praise of the story, the mechanics did certainly make it feel like you were piecing together a mystery via exploration and connection, the story was personal and focused on a very small aspect of the Neath once again, like the Devil, Heart and Zee, but profoundly effective because of it. I do like that Isery could be involved as well, though I thought they’d pull a little more clout at the honey den than they did. Even if the Gimlet-Eyed Proprietor was well versed in their own ventures of Red Honey…this is the Cat’s Chiefest Claw we’re talking about. You do not cross or disrespect them. Does make me wonder what Leopold thinks of this trade and how it affects the exports from his Cage Gardens, or if he perhaps has a stake in this Den too somehow.

I felt the ‘refreshing’ of your disguise in the House of Charity by doing chores and acting like an Unfortunate was initially a little disconnected and thus easy to miss, mostly because it was described as physical and ‘slipping’ and falling apart. Perhaps just a little rewording to indicate the more performed or character aspects of it as opposed to the fragility of the costume itself. Otherwise I greatly enjoyed that area, both in description and in mechanic.

My only major sort of grumble about the choice in theories at the end is that I do not see what exactly I learned from the memories of the Vagabond at the end that would enable me to make the existentially minded decision to not focus so much on the impossible to change choice of the past, but rather to find the meaning in what is available now in the present, in what she has accomplished and what she can change. It said I was lacking just one evidence of betrayal, but nothing revealed in those memories was anything new that I hadn’t already heard from the Rake or inferred from the evidence discovered elsewhere. In fact, the Vagabond seemed wholeheartedly invested in the meaning of her caring, reforming actions, even with that moment of doubt as she saw his expression. The only thing I could think of was that you got the insight into her personality, life and motivations on the surface before she decided to come to the Neath, and indeed, the ending text seems to reflect her focusing more on that if you choose that theory. But if that’s the case, then it doesn’t really fit that it’s evidence of betrayal you are lacking, just more lover’s sacrifice, or an entirely new quality…say, the Melancholy of Privilege?

Still though, the fact I feel so strongly about it speaks well to the writing and to the conflicting nature of the choices and the weight of the consequences of those choices, which I know is your first and foremost goal at Failbetter! Well done, and hope you all have a good December~

Huh, I can now enter the options at Watchmaker’s Hill. Either someone at FB saw my post here and fixed the issue, or it was a more widespread bug which got fixed? In any case thank you - Ι now stand before my final choice!