Death of the Severe Bluejacket

Through Veilgarden he watches over her
That Feast cresting over Hyde Park
That honeyed Rose eager for tomorrow

Through Wolfstack he watches over her
Radiant Mountain, beckoning to Zee
a bustling salt air in the Neath
Ah, the first zailing!

Through Hallowmas he watches over her
As if encouraging, we share secrets
Confess. To the Sun we confess
and that over there- a Courier’s voice

His remaining days
How much longer will the fifth jewel breathe?
His remaining days
How much longer will her love endure?
(A Reckoning will Not Be-)

Sack’s night is brief
Lacre is short
Year’s remaining days
how much more will Noman live?

Through cracked eyelids He sees
cold lacre abounds
in bed the Bluejacket thinks
only of this
(In All Things)

From the bedside he watches over Her
From the bedside he salutes
From the bedside his hand falls
From the bedside, he dies.
(Look to Love)

Through the Neath I see
A zailor, holding a rose
Holding a small red flower
For His Beloved Agatha.
(All Shall be Well, And All Manner of Thing Shall be Well.)
edited by Nyarllathotep on 12/23/2016