Death of a Songbird (DOAS) thread

Hey! This is the first time I have ever even started a forum, so this should be interesting! It’s Alyssa here wondering what you guys think of DOAS? Noticed any bugs? Typos? Content ideas? Let me have it! My other games I am slowly adding to are Clockwork Hearts and The Dreamers.

I’ve been trying to work on DOAS a bit in my spare time, but really as much as I love it the story setup is getting a bit overbearing to work on. There are too many qualities to clean up and I can’t just pump out a bunch of short filler content- the point I’m an now requires lots of detailed and complex tactical boss battles. It takes 20 minutes of skimming through all my dnd rulebooks just to get the basics down! So currently my main focus is What Lies Around the Corner, my first attempt at a relatively creepy story. This one has much simpler and cleaner mechanics and will by my new story while I try my best to fix DOAS. Sorry to all the people waiting to see what happens to Shyl! All I’m saying though is that it depends on your choices :)

Just posting to cheer you on! And to sympathize with content load! :)

Gave this a try playing a Sorceror and hit a bug in my first combat. After equipping armour and weapon I found I had two weapon cards in my hand, both with the dagger image. One was a Dense Wooden Staff and one was a Sharp Dense Wooden Staff. Playing the Sharp card took me through an attack sequence, clicking on the other card produced no result at all and the card stayed in my hand. In fact it continued to stay in may hand throughout the fight and afterwards, and still clogged it up when I was trying to move around in the wastes. The only way to get rid of it was to Reset altogether.

After Resetting I hit another problem. I spent most of my coins on gear and had less than 4 coins left. I couldn’t afford the price of a room, so had no way to continue with the storyline.

I bought a magic fountain, and after clicking onwards, I had no optins left. it was just blank space. A lot of unfinished worlds have this problem. The same thing has happened with What Lies Around the Corner.
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edited by Rennie22 on 9/23/2018