Death and All His Friends

I’ve been purposely maxing my menaces to see what happens, and I have a couple of questions.
1: In insanity, what do i need to and what would happen if i immersed in the fountain?
2: In death, what does the boatman’s opponent stat DO?

I generally go to the mirror marches when mad, so can’t remember the answer to 1.
The boatman’s stat comes in useful for one of the end-game statuses --London’s Nerves.

The higher your Boatman’s Opponent quality, the harder the Watchful check is to beat the Boatman at Chess, and so the harder it is to leave the slow boat.

Immersing yourself in the fountain isn’t very exciting at all. Stormy-Eyed is gained by raising your What The Thunder Said to 18, and all that immersing yourself in the fountain does is decrease Stormy-Eyed by 1CP and Nightmares by 3CP.

so its just a faster method out? (fountain)

It’s a faster method out, but you likely don’t have access to it right now.

Also, what level are your Dreams at right now? You seem to want to run through Heart’s Desire as quickly as you can, and so visiting a state of some confusion might be something you regret later on.

Have you maxed out your other menaces yet, if not I have some advice.

Maxing out Scandal sends you to the tomb colonies. This is actually one of the best places in the game, as it lets you easily grind out second chances, favours with the tomb-colonists, and lets you max out hedonist and austere to level 10.

Maxing out Suspicion sends you back to New-Newgate and also raises another stat that goes up each time you enter, there are some interesting storylets that appear here, once you get out.

Maxing out nightmares, but only if you have memories of light, sends you to the mirror marshes. The mirror marshes is best if you have watchful over 100, and let’s you easily grind out seeing through the eyes of icarus, and walking the fallen cities.

It’s Mirror Marches, not marshes. Marches meaning borderlands (as in the real-world Welsh Marches), because it is located on the edge of the dream-world of Parabola.

ive been doing em one at a time. i have like one nightmares rn iirc it was a week or so ago i went insane n purpose. im doing tomb colonies next.

“the dream-world of Parabola”… im sure that the whole spoiling baisis of the game is there but dont say lol.

hey, question. how do i raise my nightmaares with the least actions? i need more for hearts desire…

In Mrs. Plenty’s Carnival there is a House Of Mirrors. While looking into the mirrors is usually a bad bad bad idea, if you want to go to the royal beth there are fewer ways faster then gazing into the dream mirror.

actually i knew that. i just want five not eight.

Seeking Curios in the Forgotten Quarter usually works pretty well, especially if you deliberately equip Watchful-lowering gear on top of it.

i drained four bottles of tincture of vigor :) thanks everyone

O-kay… I was on Polythreme and my scandal PASSED eight. Is that a glitch??

No, many places at zee ignore menaces. But if you return to London, you will be exiled.

Scandal is a tough one at Zee but there are places that can help with menaces. An Iron Republic Safe Conduct is very useful - your menaces will jump all over the place but you can spend the quality you gain during your visit to reduce your menaces.
If I remember correctly - Hunter’s Keep can help with Nightmares and, possibly, wounds. I think there is something at the end of the Carousel on Mutton Island as well but I can’t remember which menaces it helps.

But I think that is all for future reference in your case as you got to Polythreme via your Ambition.

what will happen if i make eight on multiple menaces THEN go back to london? i can only go to one place!

Im not a POSI yet. i bought a ticket to get there.

You end up going to the relevant menace areas one after another - I don’t remember the order.

darn that sounds time consuming. well i still havvnt been to the tomb coonie or jail so im good :)