Dearest Creators

To Whom it May Concern,

There is much to be said about this city. This Fallen London. Indeed a great accomplishment you may be interested in has recently come to my attention. When speaking with the oracle, there are of course certain phrases that will make it speak of our fair city. Though most phrases will elate little information to do with our goings on. The phrase within this correspondence symbol should be of interest to you.


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indeed, that is somebody’s labor of much love, it is good to be reminded of it again.

That first link 404s for me.

In case other interested parties fail to get the point from the OP’s circuitous phrasing: ‘The first result when you google “end game grinding” is the wikidot page on Fallen London’s end game grinding (rather than some other page about some other game), which is pretty cool.’

That was my interpretation as well, though the first link should probably have just been and not a link to a page that doesn’t exist on this forum.

So is the search result always the same for everyone, or does Google filter the results based on browser history? Because I’m not trying to hide mine, and Google may well believe that Fallen London is the most likely result I’d be looking for.

I don’t know if google looks at your browser history, but I am pretty sure it looks at your google search history, and the history of what you clicked on in the results.