Dead Rats please

Hello, I’m trying to save up enough Rats on a String to get into the Labyrinth of Tigers (5000!). If anybody gets the &quotGive a Gift&quot card and is feeling charitable, could you pass me a big bag of dead rats?

You can buy a temporary ticket and take a Day Trip into the Labyrinth, for 10 Appalling Secrets. If you do so and actually play through the Labyrinth for a bit without leaving, the Tiger Keeper will give you more than enough rats to open the way, permanently.

Another way to get to The Labyrinth of Tigers area involves a Once-Dashing Smuggler and having 44-45 Myrrh-Scented Roses. That’s just a temporary visit to the emporium though.

You could try the Rat-Catcher profession like my character did. Every week I get boatloads of dead rats. If the pay isn’t still enough, you can take your Ratting Piece and hunt some rats at Watchmaker’s Hill.

Thanks for the tips everybody!

It’s a long time since I did it but don’t you need to be Making Progress in the Labyrinth of Tigers to play far enough to get the rats. The story starts with a Letter from Mr Inch.[li]
edited by circe on 1/24/2014

Yes, you need to have answered that letter to get anywhere in that Labyrinth.