Deactivated account accidentally?

I’m sorry to post this here, I’m sure there’s a better place to post it/better means to get support… can someone tell me where to go? I was messing around with emails, etc., because I was trying to link my sunless sea acct with my FL acct, and I guess I deleted (?) my FL account?
Can someone tell me if it’s possible to recover this? I assume not. That would be a huge blow, was about to be a POSI.

Anyway, I’m desperate, can someone please tell me how to contact support, or failing that, that I’m completely screwed? \


Vhosa Doulington

EDIT: OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME?! My heart is crushed, I am killed and dying… arrrrrgh
edited by deliciouscrab on 2/5/2015

No worries - you can recover your account. Send an email to and they’ll sort it out.

Thank you so much! Am doing so now. Thanks again for your quick reply!