De Gustibus

Does anyone knows will they release the content of De Gustibus this year? If I remember correctly, I haven’t seen this card for quite some time.

It was a storylet, not a card, back when they did release it. Hasn’t been around in quite some time, and I’m not expecting it’ll come back this year - it’d be a pleasant surprise if they did.

Thanks for the clarification. I have been waiting for so long to get the crimson book. You know, there is not much to grind for in late-game.;)
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I too have a vial of _______ _____ that I had hoped to turn into that book. It’s been over a year now. DX

I, too, foolishly got a second Vial of M_____’_ B____ just before the news De Gustibus was being deferred. Alas! I could have used it to propel me towards the Noman tattoo that still eludes me.

It likely will never return, is the thing.

Did they ever say why it was retired?

De Gustibus has only appeared twice before, I believe - in February 2014 and January 2015.
(It was originally part of the A Particular Day in the Neath experiment in time-limited story snippets, which later (kinda) evolved into Exceptional Stories).

For all intents and purposes, we should treat this as retired content, with some potential of FBG re-releasing it at some point if they feel like it.

To quote Chris:

[quote=Chris Gardiner][color=rgb(255, 153, 0)]To reiterate what Hannah said: we don’t treat De Gustibus as a regular event. Please don’t count on it appearing during a particular month! [/color]
[color=rgb(255, 153, 0)]
[color=rgb(255, 153, 0)]We treat it as a flexible bit of content we can release as a surprise at some point in the year.[/color][/quote]
And Hannah: