Dawn of a new Heptagoat

I’m going to bed. That in and of itself is not exciting. What is, is that when I wake up tomorrow if I start playing by first morning’s light I can potentially have scrounged enough echoes to buy enough Overgoats and commence breeding my very first Heptagoat-after which I can forget about moneymaking altogether, and do as I please after building a certain statue at the Hurlers. It has been a long journey, and I’m still gobsmacked I’ve managed to move up my schedule for it simply by (further) liquidating my Bazaar Tear stocks.

I’m genuinely unsure how I’ve mustered the patience to get this far

…except I can’t seem to find the old Overgoat/Ubergoat/Heptagoat breeder thread. Is it totally inactive? Is…is anyone else still chasing these caprine follies?



Although the lists haven’t been updated in forever.


Ah, there it is! I’ll announce myself for whoever may still be there when I (literally) get my goat.

If my memory is not completely rotten you need some fate and Impossible Theorem to breed it.

The only Fate required is the 7 needed for the 7 Ubergoats. But yeah, you do need an Impossible Theorem (and a journey through the Iron Republic).

Just to clarify I’ve finished liquidating my Demarks, I’ve got the Theorem ready, I’ve got my 14 goats, I WILL have my 10 Fate soon after this post and now all that’s between me and a trip to the Iron Republic is playing cards long enough to breed 7 Ubergoats.

And yes, I have kept one (1) ubergoat aside from the pack so that the sacrifices for the Goat Messiah won’t impugn my Watchful.

Update: 4 boxes of fungal crackers and 10 actions on top of that down, and not a single goat. Ironic. The very cards that once amassed resources for me on this quixotic quest, have now become the final obstacle to me just rolling the dang goat cards to finish it.

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I suddenly see the appeal of Seeking. If only all these annoying people would just drop dead and STOP BARGING INTO MY CARDS, I could finally finish breeding my last 2 pairs of goats and haul off to the Iron Republic already.






And thank you for sharing your recollection of the portentous event with us. This way, I can focus on building my Grand Armee of curse-bearing Woesels without the all-consuming curiosity for the goatiest mysteries to be attained!


Wow, I’m actually aiming to get my own Ubergoat (and Ubergoat Tattoo) in next year’s Feast of the Rose. Non-Fate players like myself can receive a few Free Fates, and this is one nice way to spend a Fate.

Of course, there’s that little problem of collecting enough Echoes for buying two Overgoats…