Dauntless Intemperence Campaigner's Mayor Campaign

(You can blame discord for me coming up with this idea)

Basicaly, a character called the Dauntless Intemperence Campaigner is running a mayoral campaign to hedonise London with the slogan &quotHorny For London!&quot With promises of Increased chances for everyone to work off their base desires, less censorship from the Minsitry Of Public Deceny, and a newly built minitown for Orphans to rule and with better care (and so as they don’t get involved in all the debaucery), he is making waves in this years election!

However, for those who delves into his campaign history, they will find that he is being funded by certain winged individuals of power in the hopes that chances for more hedonism as promised will allow for more love stories…
edited by Kylestien on 3/4/2020