Hi there. I’m kinda new to fallen london, but I thought I’d make this post as a sort of match making topic since I am looking for someone to romance in the game and I thought that maybe I wasn’t the only one. So I’ll just start off by saying who I am and who I’m interested in dating:

I’m a persuasive and watchful lady and I am interested in starting a relationship with another lady. You can send me a calling card at Asta228

Can someone reminds me of the gameplay benefits of dating, please ? This seems like the appropriate topic to do so. It’s more than just +1 for each non-BDR stat, right ?

Dating is not marriage - getting married with another player will give you +1 to the four base stats, even if it is something as quick as &quotSend card -> Propose -> Elope&quot.

Dating, on the other hand, involves spending quirks and Free Evenings, resulting in a random but generally low amount of Romantic Notions and occasionally 50p items and Making Waves. And, preferably, attempts at communication and flirtation.

Ok, thanks for the info. And would you say that dating is interesting for gameplay purposes (are those actions profitable ways to spend free evenings), or is it mainly interesting from a RP point of view ?

It is mostly RP. It is too unreliable for profit (0.2 to 4.5 Echoes for you) and it also mess with the quirks of your partner (and gives at most 2 Echoes for them), so unless you are roleplaying and is attaching an interesting letter to it you are better off having a romantic dinner together.

Alright, I’ll keep having dinner with people then, thanks.