Darkness and time

I’m not sure if this is a graphics issue, an actual game feature, or a problem with my admittedly so-so laptop monitor and the crappy lighting in my house - has anybody noticed that the zee is darker or brighter at different times? Sometimes I can see textures under the water and I can also see monsters and pirates coming from a way off even when they’re not in my light beam. Other times the zee outside my light beam is completely black and I can hardly see approaching objects.

One time I was zailing along the cost from Venderbight to London when it was dark and suddenly BLING it got brighter so I’m pretty sure it’s not my imagination. However I’m still unsure if this is a bug, or a feature, and if the latter is it tied to game time, or the player’s real life computer clock time, or what? I haven’t kept track of this systematically.

And if the latter, why? Because we’re underground and there’s no sun or moon.

I’ve never noticed that but it does sound interesting if it does happen.

I think it happens when you encounter fog – I notice it most often when traveling up the coast between Mutton Island and London. This would make perfect sense; have you ever tried to take a picture with a flash in fog or smoke?

That said, there definitely are areas (mostly northerly) where the sea is very dark, and other areas (the Principles of Coral, the Snares, the Sea of Voices off the top of my head) where the zee-floor is more visible.

I think that’s deliberate. North is black, it absorbs light, even the little light buoys aren’t as bright (which makes sense with the FL lore associated with the North), while the waters around the Principles of Coral etc are brighter because the coral seems to be bio-luminescent, or there are ports nearby. A little light goes a long way underground. I really like the effect :)

Is that what you meant? I always thought those effects were awesome though the Sea of Voices gives me the creeps. ^^

I’m still trying to find that giant eye.

Zee-Bat do you want a hint?

Sure, what is it?

Look between Brock’s Reef and the Uttershroom. Be careful it is dark out there.
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Thanks, I’ll go take a look. (and get ready for a nightmare…^^;)

Good luck:)

It’s not just location-dependent though. It also happens at random times for me. Like sometimes I’ll be zailing through the Sea of Voices and can’t see the underwater faces, or around the Principles of Coral and it’s so dark that sharks sneak up on me.

And again, I have a not very good laptop monitor but I’ve also tried cranking up the brightness when that happens and that’s not it.

Oops - I just took a new captain out looking for the eye and it isn’t where I thought it was. The Uttershroom is closer than it was on an earlier map. So I still have to find the eye again, hopefully it is still somewhere in that area.
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