Dances of Vice

Neathfolk who make Surface homes in the New York area might be interested in Dances of Vice events. On the website, DoV describes itself as creating “anachronistic and New Romantic productions.” I’ve been to a cartoon-themed swing dance, a '50s prom, and last night, this New Romantic circus featuring brass bands, burlesque, and lots of pretty costumes.

Above: the poster for the event. Below: me with the one and only Voltaire. Below below: burlesque dancer MediaNoche.

You went to a Voltaire show? I went to the one in Richmond. He’s a pretty cool guy. Even gave me a free CD. Though he did grope my ass when I hugged him. So that was weird. >_>

It wasn’t a show, I just saw him at the Dances of Vice party. He groped my ass too when I hugged him. I think it might just be something he does.

But, I’m a dude. T^T

But, I’m a dude. T^T[/quote]

Maybe he’s bi?

Why wouldn’t he be? It gives you access to both storylets and the opportunity to choose between rewards.

I’m laughing so hard right now, you don’t even know.

I’ve been to a bunch of Dances of Vice events (my avatar photo was taken at one) but I tend to prefer the parties thrown by Gemini & Scorpio. Same general themes as DoV but they seem a little more laid back.