Damn the Torpedoes! ... or, Like?

[li]a question, perhaps now rendered moot with the impending release of Steel, but a question nonetheless … for those who have geared-up with torpedoes, how’d they do? are they devastating? diabolic? or just diminutive? do they make a difference, or just make you shrug and flick for flensing? i don’t think i recall anyone saying …[/li][li]
edited by Psst! on 8/20/2014

I once one-shotted a Lornfluke with a torpedo, but every other time I have used them I have been disappointed. They take way to long to charge up, and it costs the same amount of illuminations as Salvo. As of the moment (it may change soon) the game’s combat rewards quick strikes and constant evasion, making the torpedo’s long charge time a very bad tradeoff for what little damage they sometimes do than a regular Salvo attack. And trust me, normal Salvos work just fine when you don’t think a Flensing attack is needed.

My advice is to ditch torpedoes and just buy the best harpoon.

edited by Owen Wulf on 8/20/2014

They are decent but highly random in their damage. With Irons 109 or something, about the only thing I use Torpedos on are stuff like Lorn Flukes, or Mount Nomad. I only find them useful for things with 200+ Hull or Life. Anything less and it’s more efficient to blast it down with my guns.