Daffodil Update

Hello all, and happy new year! Here’s Daffodil, the latest update for Mask of the Rose, and one which will be the last for now.

Bugfixes Galore

Daffodil is mostly about bugfixing: bringing Mask to a nice, tidy state so we can commence work proper on the console ports for PlayStation and Xbox.

  • Taught Griz to use the correct pronouns for Mr Fires.
  • Convinced David to stop playing gooseberry during other people’s sentimental conversations at the Feast.
  • Revised what it means when the player selects that they dislike a person, so that it now means “I don’t like them” and also “I’m not attracted”: an improvement to clarity, if perhaps a disappointment to enemies-to-lovers tropers.
  • Discouraged Harjit from bolting immediately after the player’s confession of feelings, no matter how overwhelmed Harjit might be.
  • Stopped Horatia from thanking the player for fulfilling her request when she never made such a request in the first place; gratitude can be carried to excess.
  • Prevented Reginald from teleporting into the player’s bedchamber during a personal conversation with Moss.
  • Stopped Harjit from growling too many times in a row, no matter how fetching he finds the player.
  • Prevented Archie from initiating a second seduction immediately after the first, though it pained us to correct this.
  • Many typos and grammatical errors have been fixed.

For our Kickstarter backers, you’ll be keen to hear that work is beginning on the Mask of the Rose digital lore book which we expect to deliver to you in March. We’re going to keep the exact nature of it under wraps, but I think you’ll find it entertaining.

The Storyteller’s Festival

We’re excited to be featured alongside many other fine narrative games in The Storyteller’s Festival, on Steam! The Storyteller’s Festival begins on January 29th 18:00pm (GMT)/10:00am (PST), and we’ll be live streaming Mask of the Rose on the 30th at 10:00pm (GMT)/14:00pm (PST). You can request a notification through Steam for when the stream goes live. Hope to see some of you there!


Mask to a nice, tidy state so we can commence work proper on the console ports for PlayStation and Xbox.

Bummed about the news that the ports are now cancelled, since my computer hails from the first Obama administration, so any gaming is mostly done on the PS5. Strange that you guys were still planning to do the ports as recently as January, then two months later decide to scrap them. Guess I’ll find a Let’s Play to watch…

You can definitely still run it bro.