Customizing controls

Is this going to go in at some point (or is it already there and I can’t find it?)

Because I don’t use a QWERTY keyboard and it makes controlling the game fairly awkward >.<

It’d be nice to be able to switch from WASD to the arrow keys, at least. I’m technically right-handed, but I sometimes like to use the mouse with my left hand, which makes WASD awkward. Actual Lefties would probably benefit even more.

I might just be confused, but don’t the arrow keys already work? That’s what i’ve been using…

Yeah the arrow keys work, but you still end up with the rest of the keyboard shortcuts in weird places.

Or you remap your keyboard for the purpose of playing the game, which has its own issues.

(Plus I mean, it’s really easy if you use WASD to accidentally press F which right now is basically the ‘press this button to die horribly’ button, so it’d be nice to be able to remap that.)

I brought this up earlier on the board and Alexis assured us that there will be full key customization before it’s through.

I would just like remove the possibility of accidentally hitting &quotF&quot and blowing up my engine. Kind of left me dead in the water a few times… Remapping it to &quotSorry, no hotkey for that!&quot would be a bit safer :D
edited by KhzDonut on 8/9/2014