Currently (potentially) active masters and their corresponding Calender Council counterparts

Solidly this is a reference list for me specifically, but I figured I’d make it publicly available and keep it updated as a resource. If you have any suggestions on where people should fall, please feel free to tell me, as I’m at a loss with some of the CC counterparts.

??? - January (not enough data)
Mr. Irons - February [Confirmed in game; retired text]
Mr. Wines - March [Confirmed in game; retired text]
Mr. Fires - April [Confirmed in game; Railway dialogue branch]
??? - May (Uncertain, but possibly previously Mr. Sacks, due to the Noman’s connections to polythreme.)
??? - June (Insufficient evidence.)
??? - July (Not enough information.)
??? - August (Unclear who he has SPECIFIC beef with.)
??? - September [Confirmed in game; various Balmoral flavor text]
Mr. Mirrors - October [Confirmed in game; Ambition: Heart’s Desire!]
??? - November (Unclear; if anyone has played A Little Pandemonium that story likely gives more context.)
??? - December (unclear due to disconnect between in game and word of god canonocity)

Mr. Cards, which is to say… you: The Thirteenth Month, which is to say… you . Incredibly thematic actually.

Current Masters without assured or presumed CC counterparts:
Mr. Veils
Mr. Hearts
Mr. Apples
Mr. Cups
Mr. Spices
Mr. Stones

Current (or “current”) masters (or “masters”) without CC counterparts:
Mr. Eaten/Mr. Candles (likely no counterpart due to his being dead)
Mr. Sacks (technically a trade name for many individuals, but if Hearts and Apples can have seperate members, and if March and October can confirm in game that the same Master can have different adversaries under different trade names, this seems fine honestly.) Note: Silas is not a CC member but may fill that role for Sacks.
Mr. Chimes (Same as Mr. Sacks, technically.)
Mr. Coins: Not a real master, but given how heavily the revolution is influenced by Parabola I wonder if there’s a dream self counterpart.
Mr. Treats: Not a real master, but is there a rat Month to oppose it?

Mr. Transport: Likely too new to have a member, and it certainly depends on your ending for that plot. However… maybe I’m wrong?


One thing to keep in mind is that some of the Masters are acting under more than one name.

For instance, Mr Chimes is actually multiple Masters. You can see that when you use Mr Sack’s robe to get a gift from it: Here’s an echo of it


September is generally considered opposed to Pages. Aside from both of them having an interest in written and oral persuasion, there’s a passage somewhere of September spending time trying to study Pages’ neologisms for a hidden code or something. I’ve also heard a theory that would put them much more directly in conflict, but I haven’t finished playing the relevant game yet.

There are 11 Masters and 12 Months. On this basis, some players believe that December is opposed to the Bazaar rather than a Master.

I’ve played A Little Pandemonium, but don’t recall anything that would point to a specific Master. And I’ve played Lost in Reflections but don’t recall anything that would tie July to a specific Master.

Curious what the in-game confirmation is for March and Wines, because I would have guessed March is opposed to Fires on account of both of their relationships to Labor. And the implication of who the next March could end up being. Although some things complicate that.


Did know this (see: Mirrors/Wines and Hearts/Apples) but hadn’t realized Sacks and Chimes are a similar situation.

I ALSO thought March and Fires would be matched, or perhaps Spices based on the original identity of March. it’s confirmed though on this retired page that at least the original intention of March was to fight Mr. Wines.

I don’t know that I buy into this, mostly because there are (at the start of the game) twelve masters who are actually only nine; and if we include Sacks and/or Eaten that gets wonkier.

So there’s concessions being made somewhere or other. Besides that, I think August is far more likely to be opposed to the Bazaar itself if anyone is.

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Regarding Mirrors/Wines, It’s actually Mr. Cups that’s acting as the active Mr. Mirrors. The lore wiki has something about it here


By word of God, there count of current Masters is elevent. It’s exceedingly rare that we get Word of God answers to lore questions about Fallen London, and even then they tend to be ambiguous or indirect. But, canonically, 11.

Eaten is dead. Chimes is a shared assumed identity. Sacks, I think at one point may have been a separate Master but no longer is.

btw I would absolutely love it if Mr Treats ended up getting his own ratty opposition that believes he’s on the Calendar Council but isn’t acknowledged by the real months. FBG plz


Good to know!! Still the same result though.

If you get 50 Renown with the Filthy Liberationi-sorry, the Revolutionaries, then the QLD becomes The Thirteenth Month on The Calendar, implying that even if you aren’t technically a month, you are still valuable enough to the cause to be considered a De Facto member of the Council. So maybe the FLPC (or at least the incarnations who level Revolutionary Renown) is the opposing council member to Cards? Since they’re both FLPCs, (and potentially the same one) they have a certain duality to them…


That means nothing to me.

Even setting aside how old it is and how, in collaborative storytelling, ten years can change everything, a word of god confirmation means no more to me than speculation from fans. Until something is stated explicitly in the work, I personally will not count it as canon, which is something that has served me incredibly well in multiple fanbases and literary analysis. I’m very willing for it to be confirmed in the text and change my outlook! But that’s just speculation by the creative team themselves until it happens, at least for me.

ME TOO!!! I want that so badly…

Oh that’s actually INCREDIBLY cool, I didn’t know that! Yeah, okay, I’ll update the sheet for that one!

Don’t forget to match Pages and September as well! I’m not sure if you’ve visited Balmoral yet, but without spoiling too much, you get to meet September there and sixty percent of what he does is rant about how much he hates Mr Pages, even if Mr Pages itself actually takes very little notice of him.


Can you link me to a bit of this, either in a fragment or on the wiki? 100% will update it if you can, I just have started talking with my precious baby boy (and I also hate Pages lmfao) but I haven’t seen any of that dialogue yet bc I haven’t had downtime to hang with him until now as I’m trying to get to at least the Hurlers before Firmament.

The first two options here have some good stuff in them, and if I can find anything else that’s particularly relevant then I’ll add a link to that as well.

EDIT This also has some stuff on his hatred for Pages, down in the third segment of the table.

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A lot of the text snippets are in the Septemberist Kirk, which unfortunately takes 1 revolutionary favour per sermon and some of the text is airs-dependent. I harvested one for you, fresh off the press: Fallen London.

I totally get what you’re saying about Word of God, and I generally shy away from them in other settings. I tend to trust the ones from FBG more, partly because they’re so rare and are more deeply considered rather than from-the-hip. In fact I’m only aware of three such posts in total in the decade-plus that Fallen London has been around, and one of them is given extra deference because them publishing it was a stretch goal for a kickstarter.

But if we’re talking about September then it’s also fair that we each establish our own ground rules about how to engage with a specific text!


Agreed! For me I think that if it’s not inside Sunless Seas, Mask of the Rose, an officially released short story (of which there is one to my knowledge, although I may be misremembering) or the text of the game there’s too much risk of a change for me to put it on the list. (I’m specifically thinking of how, between the last time I played and now, SMEN was completely overhauled, as an example. And while I understand why that was a special case, it does set a precedent in my eyes, so I’m only going to add things to the list from those official in universe sources!)

Updated with the September vs. Pages pairing, and added sources to every confirmed pair to date!

Also I thought about this and believe that the, ahem, events following a particular dirigible especially would prevent March and Fires being paired, and since this text can be accessed after that event is known to the board, of which September can sit on, I believe that means March must be permanently in opposition to a different master.

I believe there’s text confirming that April’s nemesis is Mr Fires - her work against Veils is only a sideline, done to assist the player character.

Also, while Mr Sacks has been a series of different Masters’ nomen for many years now, there was once a distinct Mr Sacks with its own personality. It was likely a noman too, and I don’t know what happened to it, but it did do the rounds for a few Christmasses.


This sounds right for everything I know about her; do you know what part of the storyline she mentions that? I don’t mind combing specific pages but want to link things when possible :>