Cumaean canal / surface Quality of Life (mod)

What this fix/mod does:

  1. It changes fuel requirements for going to surface from 22 fuel to 11 fuel (with or without mod, only 11 is in fact used).
  2. When on surface (naples), it adds possibility to buy supplies/fuel in packs of 10, at 10x price of single unit.

Point 1 and 2 can be used together, or enabled/disabled as you see fit.


  1. Going to surface uses 10 fuel, additional +1 is used for sailing to Naples. Hoever, when at Cumaean canal, requirement for going to surface is 22 fuel. Presumably, it was attempt at not players to block themselves on surface, without possibility of returning, at early stages of Sunless Sea development. Hoever, in final game, you can block yourself all-right, and proper game-enders are added to surface, for such cases. Still, the artificial limit wasn’t removed from Cumaean-> surface - forcing you to literally waste 11 space, if you want to bring something up for sale, and buy fuel on surface, ignoring somehow elevated prices (still profitable, if bringing coffee or mirrocatch boxes, especially if mixing with hauling cargo around Mediterranean in meantime).

This small change fixes that, allowing you to utilize full cargo hold of your steamer.

  1. Buying supplies or fuel on surface is PITA when requiring large quantities, due to being realized as event, instead of shop interface. It requires you to click twice for every single unit bought, + scroll in case of supplies. Given that food is cheapest on surface, and hauling it back to Neath is by all means profitable and recommended thing to do, clicking 119*2 times to fill up Caligo-class hold is just unacceptable.

This modification alleviates the issue, by allowing you to buy in packs of 10, by separate choices in Naples. Simple as that.


Unpack (when in doubt what to do with .tar file, use 7zip), put the &quotcumaean-canal-fix&quot (for #1) and/or &quotsurface-quality-of-life&quot (for #2) directories into your &quot~/Sunless Sea/addon&quot directory. On
Linux, it is &quot$HOME/.config/unity3d/Failbetter Games/Sunless
Sea/addon&quot. For other systems, or when in doubt, use your favorite
search engine to find location.

I’ve tested it and found no problems, but just in case, backup’ing your autosave file is recommended.



Happy zailing,
edited by CatLady on 10/19/2017

Hey! It’s nice to see other people modding the game. This mod sounds small but indeed quite… convenient :)

Thanks for your kind comment, Machallan!

I am user and a fan of your (very high quality) Ultima Ratio Regum Mod (in fact, been tweaking it a little for personal usage, so capturing ships is just borderline possible with character of around =<50-60 iron and some high-end flensing guns, not only flamethrower), and I am eagerly awaiting your Khanate mod, if you’re still working on it!

edited by CatLady on 10/16/2017

Thank you for these sweet words :)

As a matter of fact, the Khanate mod is almost ready, I’m only waiting for my artist to finish drawing custom art for some new assets, and once it is done, I have several other projects for Sunless Sea :)

I’d also be curious to see the tweaks you made, do you think you could send them to me, maybe on the excel sheet describing the stats of the weapons?
edited by Machallan on 10/18/2017

Sure thing! Will do, as soon as i finish… well, tweaking the tweaks ;) Successful capturing of ships is really profitable now, so I want to ensure flensing weapons aren’t too good at it. Would like keeping them on around RNG grace side of possibility, with flamethrower for (almost) certain results at a cost of fuel usage. (which, I presume, was the original idea, but I am certain that even starting 25 iron and heart-ender wasn’t able to capture any ship in un-tweaked version of the mod. Haven’t tested limiting iron further by -iron ships like cutter, but his crew compartments doesn’t allow much “boarding”…)