Cultist Simulator

Just dropping it here that AK’s next game is already starting to sound and look very interesting…

Yes! I’ve been casually following cultist simulator for about 2 months now. It’s preeeetty awesome and weird. Everyone should check it out ^

I remember there was an old russian game of a similar nature. Can’t remember it’s name though, but in it - you play as the head of a noble family, leading a town and a secret cult. The gameplay is you managing your sanity through events (and that of everyone else for that matter), your citizens, your flock, the town (you also get to fight other rival families for power) and so on - all that for a year. And at the end of each year, you gotta make a ritual sacrifice otherwise, bad juju starts happening and you and everyone you hold dear suffer a fate worse than death.

And…uh, yeah it was a pretty cool game.

Anyway, luck to Alexis with his project. Hope it becomes something good. And definitely will be keeping an eye on it.
edited by Sir Goomy on 9/30/2016

Suddenly a LOT of activity from the Weather Factory. My inbox is groaning from the lore dumps… some of it mind-bogglingly meta. Is he creating an AR, or just going a little crazy over there? :)