Cthulhu! Where is he in the Sunless sea!?

[color=#00ff00]Are there any octopuses in the game similar to him? Any Devilfish? Poulpe?[/color][color=#00ff00]
[/color]Avoid spoilers when giving advice or making assumptions, please!
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[color=rgb(77, 81, 86)]Ph’nglui mglw’nafh [/color][color=rgb(95, 99, 104)]Cthulhu[/color][color=rgb(77, 81, 86)] R’lyeh wgah’nagl [/color][color=rgb(95, 99, 104)]fhtagn[/color]
edited by Amin on 3/20/2021

A couple Lovecraftian-lite entities come to mind, but nothing similar to Cthulhu.

Well, maybe the Bazaar and/or The Masters…

The closest you’ll probably get to Cthulhu and his Star-Spawn are the Flukes of Axile and their servants, the Rubbery Men. Not necessarily as godlike and unknowable as the great squidface himself, but just as entertaining

Cthulhu is a Lorne-Fluke, boys,
He sleeps in an abyss.
Some Londoners
May dream his voice,
And wake up drenched in… sweat.

A Judgement, Yog-Sothoth his name,
Wields light and solar winds.
One time, he Judged a mortal dame
So hard, she bore him twins!
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We call our Great Old One, me lads,
The Borrower Beneath.
Come swim through her guts!
But, if you wear duds,
Please leave them at her teeth.
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Might I suggest a trip to the bottom of the caves of Godfall? I heard that there are certain stuff going on down there. Just bring enough foxfire candles and foolishnes.

The Rubbery Men are Cthulhu. But nice.
And polite.