Cruise control?

The starting location helpfully informs players how to use movement controls on a locomotive. However, one of the options is mentions is cruise control, activated the &quotc&quot key. I assumed from the name that it would maintain your movement, but I tried pressing it while moving and then letting go of &quotw&quot and I didn’t keep going. How is it activated? If this isn’t a bug, hopefully more explanation will be added eventually, as it is not at all intuitive.

I’m not sure if pressing it simultaneously with movement activates it. But pressing it separately - does: you start speeding forward and can steer. Or just sit back and watch your locomotive slice the Wilderness on its on. Until the first asteroid that is.

Its just like S’Seas, except it only has one speed (fastest), instead of slow, fast, and reverse

just hit C while not presssing any other buttons. it makes you constantly move at top speed forwards